Oxygen Concentrator KOC-A102

Oxygen Concentrator KOC-A102

Oxygen Concentrator KOC-A102 is a 1L portable medical oxygen concentration unit. Equipped with clinically advance medical grade molecular sieve and micro-particle entrapment filter to prevent atmospheric contamination and deliver clean and pure oxygen flow for safe inhalation. Precise flow-rate control settings and alarms reduce risk of oxygen toxicity. System operates on battery as well as power supply to provide hours of consistent oxygen supply with humidifier bottle.



  • Capacity: 1L
  • Backlit LED screen
  • Humidifier bottle
  • Silent operation
  • High concentration of oxygen
  • Oxygen flow settings



1 L

Flow Range

1 L/min – 5 L/min

Oxygen Concentration

90 % ± 3 %

Power Output

90 W


≤ 43 dB

Operational temperature

10 °C to 40 °C


Continuous Flow

Power supply

220 V/110 V, 50 Hz/ 60 Hz


265 x 195 x 387 mm


5.5 Kgs


Used in primary healthcare facilities, ambulatory oxygen therapy as well as for point of care treatments at prescription for administrating point of care delivery of supplemental oxygen supply to maintain targeted SpO2 levels consistently all day to patients with respiratory disorders.

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